Belgian Power Reception (Davos) : Speech of the Prime minister

Your Majesties,
Your excellencies,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome once again to the Belgian Power Reception.

As you can see Belgium is here in full force.

Thank you, your Majesties, for your presence and your dedication.

A warm welcome to my colleagues from the regional and national governments.

We are all here to represent the interests of Belgium.  

And …  I am happy to say that we have made great progress over the past years.

Consumer and business confidence are high.

Companies have created more than 200.000 jobs in 4 years.

We lowered corporate tax and the unemployment rate is the lowest in 30 years. We divided the public deficit by three.

Our business setting attracts investment and boosts production.

Because our message is simple: Belgium values business.

And business is not just about making profit.

It’s about creating jobs.
It’s mostly about creating a living for all our citizens. Every day.

We are here to create more prosperity for our people.

Yes … Jobs jobs jobs is our motto. For more innovation. For a better future.

It is the best means to safeguard welfare and stability.

Ladies and gentlemen,  

Davos creates new perspectives, visions and prospects.

I met many economic leaders today who have bright plans for the future.

Companies with proposals to invest, expand or build.

This year … climate change is on everyone’s agenda.


We have to enforce our strategy to reduce this impact as quickly as possible.

Solutions are not easy. And solutions also cost money and time.

But action starts with words. And words can make a change.

Action also starts here. By starting a strong dialogue between investors and leaders.

I strongly believe that climate change offers new opportunities for economic development. For smart innovation. For the jobs of tomorrow.


Ladies and gentlemen,


This year will also be important with the European elections.


Extremism and populism are on the rise and pose a threat to the free democracies of the West.

I am a strong believer in the European project, and I will continue to defend our common values.

But we live in times of confusion. Brexit endangers the safety and stability we need.

But in the face of chaos, we will stand our ground.

Belgium wants to keep moving forward. We want to keep up the pace of reforms and investments. Together with our European partners.
Business can only bloom when business environment is safe and stable.

Companies have chosen that path too.

Only last week British chemical company Ineos announced its biggest investment in decades in the port of Antwerp.

3 billion euros and 400 new jobs.

Alibaba and its strategic investment in Liège is another clear example …

Belgium is attractive!

Now is the time to join in our economy.

We have top universities and the best workforce.

Belgium is also a great place to live, to work, to love… who knows ;-)

So, do not hesitate. Come to Belgium.

Thank you.